I honestly have no idea what that last “No” is for. Taking a stab at it, it’s something like “miniature renai” but with an “o”. Taking a page from NaNoWriMo? Speaking of, what’s the “No” for in that? Novel? Oh, whatever; we’re making another visual novel.

Juniper's Knot PlayBill, Front

Juniper's Knot PlayBill, Back

This time it’s a kinetic novel, meaning there won’t be any choices. It’s called Juniper’s Knot, and it’s a fantasy thing that we’re doing for said NaNoReNo. That means we have until the end of the month to finish it. The script is already done, and going through the editing process. Here’s a link to the WiP thread on Lemma Soft.

In more Cradle Song related news… What news? I guess to give you an idea of how much work we’ve been doing, we’ve made 63 commits to our git repositories since February 1st. I wish we had more to say about things, but when it’s this far into the dev cycle, lips start getting zippered. We got a surprising amount of fanart lately, though!

Karin Fanart, By Magister

Karin Fanart, By Magister

Karin Fanart, By Pas

Karin Fanart, By Pas

Fiend Fanart, By mefloraine

Fiend Fanart (Juniper's Knot), By mefloraine

Karin Fanart, By panties

Karin Fanart, By panties

Karin Fanart, By geso

Karin Fanart, By geso

Karin Official Art, By Doomfest

Karin Art, By Doomfest

… Artists sure seem to love Karin. As you can see, we also got some fanart for Juniper’s Knot already (???); there’s more of it, too, but it’s naughty. If you really want to see it you can find it black & white here (NSFW 18+) and colored here (NSFW 18+). It was done by eu03.

Well, that’s that! Look forward to Juniper’s Knot, for it is coming quite soon! And I promise, there will be even more news in the coming months!

Artist Links:

Magister: deviantArt, pivix, Sketch Blog (NSFW 18+)

Pas: Sketch Blog (NSFW 18+)

mefloraine: tumblr

panties: deviantArt, Tegaki, pivix, Sketch Blog (NSFW 18+)

eu03: deviantArt, Blog (NSFW 18+)

Be wary of Medical Whiskey (NSFW 18+). Here there be rampant pornography.

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