LADIES, GENTLEMEN, AND THE REST; dischan media is releasing its first visual novel: Juniper’s Knot!


Dramatis personæ.

Here it is.

Also here.

Oh, and here’s the soundtrack too.

Obviously, they are both free! You may give us your money if you so desire, however. People were asking if they could, and now that we actually have a product out, we feel that we may accept your contributions. You may use the “Like the game? Support us!” link on the Juniper’s Knot page to do so.

And sorry for the wait. We do hope you enjoy it, fellows. For those of you who haven’t been following us lately: Juniper’s Knot is a short, fantasy, kinetic novel (meaning there are no choices) that tells the story of a boy’s encounter with a demon in an abandoned village. As it is tiny, saying any more may just ruin it for you. I’ll say one other thing, though: our new programmer, Anton (Guy-kun) Prydatko, is in the process of porting the novel for iOS with his own engine. Gasp! Holy expletive! Look forward to it- I know that I am.

But that’s not all that’s happened, you know; there are other great rumblings from dischan’s den… Have you looked at the store at all? There’s something there!

From creator of Digital: A Love Story, Christine Love, Analogue: A Hate Story and its soundtrack have arrived on the Dischan Store!


Best girl.

You may purchase the game for 15.00 USD here. (There is a demo on this page, also!)

You may also buy the soundtrack made by composer Isaac Schankler for 5.00 USD here.

Analogue: A Hate Story is an interestingly put together visual novel, quite different from the average sort. You play as a spacefarer, uncovering the mystery of a vanished colony with the help of pestering little AI. It’s very much an impressive thing, operating around the discovery of olden logs and the relationship (or lack thereof) between the player character and the AI. I encourage you to give it a try.

I’m not done yet, guys. There is still yet MORE to say. The site in general has gotten shinier- in some ways literally! Image thumbnails in general are now displayed at 100% quality, so re-upload your avatars and enjoy the prettiness of the forum! The store also now has gifting implemented, so you can give your pals things from there… as gifts! Messages in your inbox can now be deleted by page to clear up clutter faster (finally), and the site has altogether gotten better with bug fixes and all that! Happy browsing, duders!

That is all I’ve got! Our first “game”, an iOS port in the works, a new game on the store, a new soundtrack as well, the site is (more) awesome… yeah! Can you believe that there’s more to come, and soon…? I can hardly, myself.



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